Unlocking Human Trafficking and Smuggling Networks Between Libya and Italy

Dr Rino Coluccello has co-authored ‘Unlocking human trafficking and smuggling networks between Libya and Italy’, with  Carlo Amenta, Rino Coluccello, Paolo Di Betta and Gery Ferrara for an edited book (in Italian) titled Emergenza Libia,  edited by Francesco Semprini, and published by Rubbettino Editori. The book was disseminated through the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and will be distributed throughout Italy both in paper format and as an e-book.

The collection of essays written by academics, politicians and media experts includes chapters devoted to political instability, terrorism, illegal trafficking and immigration. More information on this publication is available at: http://www.onuitalia.com/2016/12/05/cinque-anni-di-emergenza-libia-un-libro-curato-da-francesco-semprini/

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