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SHINe Presentation 2017: Story – Tales From a Refugee Camp

Tales from a Refugee Camp: Story writing workshop in Alexandria, Greece The purpose of the trip was: To host creative writing workshops aimed at teaching refugees how to write their stories for publication. To  produce a documentary that would be a follow-up to the 2016 documentary, 722 TMX: Tales From a Refugee Camp.  To explore possible OIL projects with Aristotle University. You can find the Powerpoint presentation at the link below: SHINe Presentation 2017 - Story Read more [...]

(C)OIL with the USA – A Student Night Out in Coventry and New York

Alyson Morris MA, SFHEA Senior Lecturer, Creative Writing alyson morris@coventry.ac.uk Lyle Weir, MA Lecturer, Creative Writing lyle.weir@coventry.ac.uk (C)OIL with the USA - A Student Night Out in Coventry and New York Abstract This study addresses the challenges presented by conducting an OIL project with an overseas institution. In 2016 during the Writing for Magazines module, students were asked to compare and exchange travel articles with students in New York, and tasked Read more [...]